How to Franchise Your Business

There are many aspects involved in franchising a business including legal, operations, advertising, marketing, sales, training, support and communications. Understanding the entire process of developing a successful franchise operation is extremely important when evaluating franchising your business. To assist you, we’ve written a comprehensive guide concerning the franchise development process.

The guide includes detailed information concerning the following:

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    Section 1

    Determining the Best Method of Expansion

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    Section 2

    Determining the Franchise Structure

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    Section 3

    Preparing the Franchise Disclosure Document

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    Section 4

    Establishing Franchise Reporting Requirements

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    Section 5

    Preparing the Franchise Operations & Policies Manual

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    Section 6

    Establishing the Initial Franchise Training Program for Franchisees

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    Section 7

    Establishing Franchise Communication & Support Programs

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    Section 8

    Establishing the Franchise Advertising & Marketing Plan

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    Section 9

    Establishing the Franchise Sales Development Process

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    Section 10

    Qualifying Prospective Franchisees

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    Section 11

    Franchise Grand Opening Support

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    Section 12

    Ongoing Oversight and Support

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