What makes FranSource different from other franchise consulting firms?

  • FranSource is not a “franchise-mill.” We truly care about our clients and their success so we limit the number of companies we work with each year in order to provide the highest levels of service and support. We attribute this approach to our 19 years of success helping clients develop and build successful franchise companies.

  • At FranSource, your franchise development project is never relegated to “junior execs.” You are continually advised and supported by franchise consultants and attorneys who average 25+ years’ experience in franchising. We believe it is crucial to our clients’ success that they be advised by individuals who possess the knowledge and expertise required to develop and grow successful franchise operations.

  • We believe the best way to help our clients achieve their expansion goals is to leave nothing to chance. This means that our franchise consultants and attorneys direct every step of your franchise development project. Doing so also ensures consistency among the various components of your franchise operation.

  • As part of our Franchise Essentials Development Program, our experienced franchise consultants offer hands-on assistance with the initial franchise sales process. We believe this is an excellent way to instruct new franchisors in the franchise qualification and sales process while ensuring the successful launch of your franchise operation.

  • Our development process is designed to fully identify every aspect of your business in order to develop a robust franchise offering. At FranSource, we custom design each component of your franchise operation to fully reflect your business and its unique operating system.

Client Testimonials

  • “We evaluated a number of franchise development firms prior to engaging FranSource. If we had to do it all over again, we would definitely re-hire FranSource. I really can’t imagine going through the franchise development process without the FranSource team and truly feel they have our best interest at heart. They interact with us like a business partner and are authentically invested in our success. As we’ve grown, they continue to provide valuable assistance and advice.”
    Endurance House
  • “When we made the decision to expand our business through franchising, we knew that we needed to work with a franchise consulting firm who fit our brand. We interviewed several franchise development companies to get started. It only took a single call with Steve and his team to know that FranSource was the best fit for us. It was clear they fully understand what it takes to successfully franchise a business and they were 100% committed to advising and supporting us every step of the way. When we began the franchise development process, it was hard to imagine selling our first franchise. However, less than a month after launching our franchise opportunity we granted our first franchise! Steve and his team were completely hands on throughout the entire development process and will continue to be a key asset to our company as we grow.”
    Global Brew
  • “With FranSource overseeing the entire development of our franchise operation, we were confident that our franchise would be successful. However, seeing is believing. We just awarded another multi-unit franchise and we want to thank you and your team for the incredible commitment you demonstrated, and continue to demonstrate, to helping make our franchise a success. Our franchisees are extremely impressed with the documents, manuals and other materials you developed, which of course makes a great impression on our company. FranSource has definitely gone above and beyond our expectations.”
    Gus’s Fried Chicken
  • “FranSource provided the expert guidance we required to successfully franchise our company. Your team’s attention to detail throughout the development process was impressive. We believe the quality of the work and the information presented in the various documents and materials you developed reflect well on both our companies.”
    Trusted Homecare Services
  • “We granted our 150th ALOHA franchise last week and we wanted to say thank you for your team’s tremendous assistance and ongoing support. When we began the franchise project, it quickly became apparent that the FranSource team truly cares about our company and the success of our franchise. As we reflect on the growth of our brand, we believe we owe a large part of our success to the assistance and guidance FranSource has provided.”
  • “In addition to fully developing our franchise operation, FranSource assisted with other aspects of our expansion program. We are very pleased with the franchise development services we received and the ongoing support FranSource continues to provide. With Interior Magic franchises now located coast-to-coast, we feel very qualified to recommend FranSource to anyone considering franchising their business.”
    Interior Magic
  • “FranSource has impacted our business in ways we never imagined, beyond simply franchising. Rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach during the franchise development process, they examined every aspect of our business and provided valuable input concerning operational procedures that helped us further refine our system. FranSource continues to assist us with many aspects of our growth and their team has always proved extremely competent. We highly recommend FranSource.”
  • “I want to thank you for everything you have done for Chef Shuttle. You made us ask the hard questions and find the hard answers, and we are a better company for it. We are where we are today because of your team’s guidance and I will forever be appreciative for everything that FranSource has done for us. I look forward to continuing to work together to grow our franchise network and further enhance our business model.”
    Chef Shuttle
  • “I wanted you to know how pleased we are that we selected FranSource to develop our franchise operation. The franchise development process was extremely thorough and we even found that key systems improved as a result of your consulting process. I was prompted to write following my attendance at a recent Franchise Expo session concerning the Franchise Disclosure Document. The subjects they expressed of importance were all included in the legal documents FranSource counsel prepared for us, while other companies I spoke with indicated that their documents were lacking. We feel that we can always count on you for accurate advice and guidance. I strongly recommended FranSource to others who are considering franchising their business and will continue to do so.”
    Royal Keys